We work with solicitors every day, so we are in a good position to recommend a reliable and competitively priced firm. We can instruct them in a matter of minutes so that you have the peace of mind that you have someone ready to act for you as soon as you are ready to proceed.

When buying a new home, your solicitor will be able to arrange the following for you:

Contact the seller's solicitor
They will contact the seller's solicitor who will give them a draft contract and other items requested, which usually includes the fixtures and fittings.

They will make various searches, including enquiries with the local authority. These can help to reveal any planning issues affecting the property. Your solicitor will also carry out flooding, mining and contaminated land searches if necessary.

Sign the contract
They will report back to you on all of the investigations that they have made and, if you are happy to proceed with the purchase, they will finalise the terms of the contract and explain these to you. 

Exchange contracts
They will require your deposit to exchange contracts on a purchase. If you are also selling a property they are likely to collect the deposit from your purchasers.

Completion is the final stage in the conveyancing process when your solicitor receives funds from the lender, repays any existing mortgage or loan that may be a condition of your mortgage offer, pays the stamp duty and any other fees due, transfers the purchase funds to the seller's solicitor, and ensures that keys to the property are made available once completion takes place.